Some of the BigHPC’s partners have participated in the UT Austin Portugal 2021 Annual Conference, held by the UT Austin Portugal Program. The event was held between October 20-21.

The BigHPC team presented a poster of the project at the E-Poster Gallery, on October 21, which aimed to showcase relevant research work across the five areas forming the Program’s knowledge base.

“The UT Austin Anual Conference allowed us to share our current developments with an attentive and avid audience in the HPC world. It also allowed us to get acquainted with the other participants novel achievements”, stated Bruno Antunes, BigHPC’s Research Manager.

The conference, under the motto “Connecting the dots: interdisciplinarity as a way to build up resilience”, had a mix of great hybrid and virtual-only sessions and included warm-up sessions, fireside chat, roundtables, masterclasses, e-Poster virtual gallery, and cooperation profiles.