The 1st Workshop on High-Performance and Reliable Big Data (HPBD 2021) was held virtually on September 20th 2021, and was co-located with the 40th International Symposium on Reliable Distributed Systems (SRDS 2021).

This workshop had five scientific papers accepted, which can be detailed here. One of these accepted papers was written by the BigHPC team from the TACC and the University of Texas, which includes Amit Ruhela, Stephen Lien Harrel and Richard Todd Evans. The study titled “Scaling Containerization on multi-Petaflops CPU and GPU HPC platforms” establishes portability and performance of containerization at up to 0.35 million MPI processes on 6,144 compute nodes. In this work, the authors presented how one can build and execute application containers at a large scale while assuring performance, security, and performance.

HPBD’21 aimed at bringing together researchers across the world in order to solve these new challenges and help building a better understanding about the new directions on big data systems research.

This workshop had as general chairs João Paulo, from INESC TEC, and Todd Evans, from TACC, and was organized in partnership with PAStor project.

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