After the success of the first webinar series, the BigHPC consortium and the UT Austin Portugal Program are back with a second round of webinars, running every two months from March 2022 to March 2023. This time around, experts from academia and industry will meet to look into the main challenges and opportunities that Big Data applications pose to HPC centres.

What’s new in this edition?

While being a continuation of the previous series, this new round of webinars breaks away from the perspective used in On the Road to HPC: Major Challenges and New Opportunities edition – 1st Webinar Series by focusing on concrete applications of HPC and Big Data.

Whereas the first series brought in discussants to present the main scientific and technological challenges resulting from the need to efficiently support Big Data applications across HPC infrastructures (from storage to monitoring to virtualization and visualization), Towards a new generation of Big Data & HPC applications – 2nd Webinar Series will talk you through some of the most relevant scientific and technological advancements made in response to the challenges we have dissected before.

Am I required to attend all the webinars?

To attend this edition you are not required to have registered for the previous ones. Topics will be organized and explored in a way that makes each edition independent of the other. You may always watch the previous webinars to get the most out of this new series, though.

How are the webinars organized?

Sessions will be kept short and to the point: a 30/40-minute keynote presentation by an academic or industrial expert involved in the BigHPC project, followed by a 10-minute moderated discussion with participants.

This new webinar series attests to the consortium’s commitment to knowledge-sharing and project results dissemination beyond its direct stakeholders to convey how collaboration between academia and industry can play an important role in advancing HCP for the benefit of science, societies, and the economy at large.

Full agenda

March 10 2022Linking GitOPS towards fast innovation over BigHPCSamuel Bernardo (LIP)
May 5 2022User-level Software-Defined Storage Data PlanesRicardo Macedo (INESC TEC)
July 14 2022Building high-performance storage systems for persistent memoryRohan Kadekodi (UT Austin)
September 22 2022Experiments in implementing the BigHPC Virtual managerAmit Ruhela, Stephen Harrell, John Cazes (TACC)
November 17 2022Monitoring in BigHPC: Lessons LearnedJúlio Silva (Wavecom)
January 26 2023A deep dive on BigHPC platform delivery into HPC clustersSamuel Bernardo and Miguel Viana (LIP)
May 18 2023To be AnnouncedLIP, TACC, INESC TEC and Wavecom

The BigHPC Project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Operational Program for Competitiveness and Internationalisation – COMPETE 2020, the Lisbon Portugal Regional Operational Program – Lisboa 2020 and the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology – FCT under UT Austin Portugal.

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