The kickoff meeting of the BigHPC project took place on April 20 2020 via a virtual platform, with approximately 20 participants from six academia and industry partners.

The main objective of the $2M project is improving the management of HPC infrastructures supporting Big Data and computing applications. “The BigHPC project will advance the current knowledge and develop new tools to address three different challenges in HPC infrastructures, namely the monitoring, virtualization and storage management components”, said Bruno Antunes, BigHPC’s Research Manager. “In the end of the project, we’re expecting the BigHPC to integrate these three components in a new platform, thus allowing a more efficient use of said infrastructures and their expected applications”, he added. 

In this sense, the BigHPC will simplify the management of Big Data applications and HPC infrastructural resources – with a direct impact on science, industry and society, by accelerating scientific breakthroughs in different fields and increasing the competitiveness of companies through better data analysis and improved decision-support processes.

The project will be implemented over three years and it’s structured according to seven activities. During this meeting, the partners responsible for each of the project’s activities had the opportunity to present the goals and targets, and what is expected from each of the participating institutions.

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